Seasonal Depression and Crystals That Can Help

Seasonal Depression and Crystals That Can Help


I don't know about You but when the cold comes my mood is very much affected. It gets dark so much earlier and I tend to spend less and less time outside. With the darkness coming earlier I get tired earlier. It almost feels like there is no longer 24 hours in a day. But that's silly. 

When I am cold I don't want to move, I just want to curl up in a ball and stay warm. Cold to me means pain. I know it's not that way for everyone. I have to push myself to stay motivated and let's face it some days I just am NOT motivated at all and I do nothing. Then comes the guilty feeling because I didn't get anything accomplished. It's a vicious cycle. 

 Anyways enough about me let's talk about what can help with Seasonal Depression. 

 I am a firm believer that crystals can be very helpful for many things. Each crystal has it's very own healing properties! I'm going to share a few with you today that can be used to get through hard times brought on by seasonal depression or the stress of the holidays!

 Amber~ Not technically a crystal but is very much used in crystal healing. The best Amber comes from the Baltic region. It may often have small impurities in it, including bubbles, pieces of matter, or even fossilized insects. YUM! lol Don't use water or salt to cleanse this crystal. Amber eases pain, clears negativity, cleanses chakras and auras, cleanses energy from the environment, enhances memory, promotes peace and trust and relieves stress! We all know that this Season brings on a lot of stress especially financially!  Which brings me to our next Crystal....

 Citrine~ This Yellow crystal may come in clusters and geodes, or it may come in individual points or polished stones. Citrine fosters self-esteem, promotes prosperity and abundance, enhances creativity, transforms negative energy into positive, encourages generosity, protects against self-destructive tendencies.

 Yellow Calcite~ This crystal is often a pretty lemon yellow. Polished stones can often look clear. Yellow Calcite increases self-worth and self-confidence, promotes joy, enhances optimism and encourages empathy! 

 Malachite~ A beautiful deep green stone, malachite is opaque with swirls of lighter green or white throughout. In its tumbled form, the striations form interesting designs similar to those found in marble. Malachite provides spiritual and energetic protection, offers protection for airline workers and travelers, overcomes phobias, encourages risk-taking, helps share one's truth with others, boosts mood particularly in the case of depression.

 Sunstone~ A pretty orange to yellow-orange stone that is slightly translucent with small sparkly pieces in it. It is a form of feldspar, and it can be very clear or it might be milky or opaque, depending on the piece. Sunstone promotes positive energy, enhances optimism, helps change negative thoughts to positive thoughts, strengthens affirmations and fosters self-worth. 

 Sulfur~ A beautiful and bright yellow stone. Opaque and irregular, with sparkling bits of crystal on the surface and throughout, the stone detoxifies and absorbs negativity. Do not leave it near a heater or lamp where it can release gases. Never use water or salt to cleanse this crystal. Sulfur helps people overcome feelings of negativity, increases connection with inner feelings and motivations, removes emotional barriers and fosters self-esteem. 

 Black Tourmaline~ Tourmaline is a precious gemstone prized for its clear and beautiful color. Black is one of the many colors of tourmaline, and it is very commonly used in metaphysical and spiritual practice for protection from negative energy. Because it absorbs so much energy it is important to cleanse black tourmaline regularly. Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy, transforms negative energy into positive energy, supports grounding, offers psychic protection, provides energetic protection and helps with stress release. 


 There are many more crystals out there that can help you get through hard times. These are just a few of my favorites that I wanted to share! Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more!! 


 Happy Holidays!



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