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The Moon

September Moon Calendar


First Quarter - September 5th

Full Moon - September 14th

Last Quarter - September 21st

New Moon - September 28th


The September Moon is known as the Harvest Moon. This is the moon that provides the most light at the time it's needed most- to complete the harvest that farmers worked for all season. 

As the full moon approaches, your creative energy will increase and you may also find your dreams becoming more vivid. Deeply buried feelings are exposed and you will gain more control over your emotions, reactions, and instinctive behaviors.



June Moon Calendar


New Moon - June 3rd
First Quarter - June 10th
Full Moon - June 17th
Last Quarter - June 25th


July 2019



July Moon Calendar


New Moon - July 2nd

First Quarter - July 9th

Full Moon - July 16th

Last Quarter - July 24th

Black Moon - July 31st


Solar Eclipse 


August Moon Calendar


First Quarter - August 7th

Full Moon - August 15th

Last Quarter - August 23rd

New Moon - August 30th


The grains have ripened in the fields and the sturgeon are plentiful in the lakes. The full moon of August is also known as the Sturgeon Moon for that very reason. The Moon has turned more of a red from all the hot summer days. Time to harvest and start preparing for what lies ahead - Winter. August Full Moon is a time of balance. Are you lacking in some areas and over doing it other areas!? It’s time to figure out the perfect balance that works for you! Other names for the August Moon include- Blueberry Moon, Wheat Cut Moon, Moon When All Things Ripen, and Full Green Corn Moon.