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African Bloodstone Cubes

African Bloodstone Cubes

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Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a variety of jasper or chalcedony, characterized by its dark green color with red spots, resembling drops of blood. It has been used as a talisman and for its metaphysical properties since ancient times.

Some of the healing properties include:

  1. Detoxification and purification: Bloodstone is thought to help purify the blood and detoxify the body, supporting the liver, kidneys, and spleen in their functions.

  2. Circulation and energy: Bloodstone is believed to improve circulation and increase overall energy levels, helping to revitalize the body and mind.

  3. Grounding and protection: Bloodstone is said to provide grounding energy, helping to stabilize and protect against negative energies or influences.

  4. Courage and strength: This stone is thought to instill courage, self-confidence, and inner strength, especially in times of adversity or change.

  5. Emotional healing: Bloodstone is believed to help balance emotions and alleviate feelings of anger, frustration, or impatience.

  6. Creativity and intuition: Some practitioners believe that bloodstone can stimulate creativity and intuition, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving.

  7. Immunity and overall health: Bloodstone is said to strengthen the immune system and promote overall health and well-being.

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