Golden Pineapple - Soy Candle (Local Hibbing Artist)

Golden Pineapple - Soy Candle (Local Hibbing Artist)

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Introducing the "Golden Pineapple" – an artistic piece locally handcrafted candle that exudes both grace and an invigorating ambiance. This scented masterpiece, strikingly shaped in the likeness of a celestial moon, offers an enchanting glow that mirrors the tranquil illumination of the night sky.

Intricately embedded within the wax are genuine Citrine and Fluorite crystals, meticulously chosen for their holistic qualities. Citrine, popularly revered as a 'Merchant's Stone,' is renowned for its potent properties of wealth attraction, creativity stimulation, and life balance. It represents a warm sun, an energy source which fuels growth, prosperity, and rejuvenation, beautifully contrasting the moon's serene essence.

The Fluorite crystals are known for their calming attributes. Like a silent whisper in the chaos, these gems imbue tranquility, promoting focus, clarity, and peace. The interplay between the Citrine and Fluorite forms a harmonious symphony, striking the perfect balance between tranquility and vivacity, calmness and creativity.

Every inch of the Golden Pineapple candle is steeped in the luscious and tropical scent of ripe pineapples, transporting your senses to a paradisiacal island with each light. This captivating aroma wafts through the air, creating an environment full of warmth, comfort, and positivity.

The Golden Pineapple Candle is not just a light source, but an immersive sensory experience that serves as a symbol of luxury, elegance, and tranquility. It's an epitome of masterful craftsmanship designed to create an unforgettable ambiance, promising to transform any space into an abode of peaceful prosperity.

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