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Raven Skull - Obsidian

Raven Skull - Obsidian

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Obsidian is often used for healing by many cultures around the world because of its incredible healing properties. It is believed that the healing energy from this stone can help you address physical and emotional trauma, clear negative energy, create a protective shield around your energy body, and provide strength during healing processes. When using obsidian, it is important to be mindful and meditate with your crystal in order to amplify its healing energies. Doing visualization techniques with obsidian as a tool can open up our minds and bodies to healing in ways that may have previously been blocked off. Remember to breathe deeply while working with obsidian and focus on releasing any negative blockages or emotions that are holding you back from letting go and healing.


The raven has been a powerful symbol in both literature and art throughout the centuries. It is often seen as an omen of bad luck, representing death and darkness. However, it can also represent transformation and beauty. As ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs suggest, the raven symbolized both creation and destruction; in some cultures it was seen to foretell death, while in others it offered protection against evil forces. The raven also symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, making it a common image for books and other sources of knowledge-seeking. Whatever its origins may be, exploring the symbolism of the raven is a creative activity that can lead us to discover more about ourselves, our past cultures, and our understanding of literature.

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