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Elderberry Immunity Elixir w/ Echinacea

Elderberry Immunity Elixir w/ Echinacea

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All Certified Organic Ingredients
ALL are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 
Elderberries, Rosehips, Clove, Ginger, Raw Honey, Cinnamon, Echinacea,
and Filtered Water
  • Boosts Immunity & Fights Cold/Flu (All strains)
  • Fights Against Strep & Bronchitis
  • Shortens Illness & Strengthens Bones
  • Improves Respiratory & Liver Health
  • Supports Heart & Blood Sugar Balance
  • Aids Diabetes Management & Weight Loss
  • Anti-Aging & Anti-Inflammatory

Please keep refrigerated after opening! 

If taking other medications always consult with your Physician before taking our Elderberry Elixir. Never give children under 12 months products that contain honey. 


12 mo to 2 yrs: 1 TSP Daily
3 Yrs & Older: 1 TBSP Daily
When sick you may take up to 4 times Daily. 

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