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Red Tiger's Eye Large Bead Bracelets

Red Tiger's Eye Large Bead Bracelets

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Red Tiger's Eye, also known as Dragon's Eye, is a stimulating stone that is believed to support motivation and a more active sex drive. Here are some of the key healing properties and benefits attributed to Red Tiger's Eye:

  1. Emotional Healing: It's thought to aid in enhancing confidence and self-esteem, helping individuals overcome feelings of lethargy or lack of enthusiasm. It may also help in resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts.

  2. Mental Clarity: Red Tiger's Eye is said to sharpen the senses, assist in paying attention to detail, and prepare one to take action based on objective knowledge rather than emotions.

  3. Physical Healing: Believers in crystal healing attribute Red Tiger's Eye with the ability to speed up a slow metabolism and to increase a low sex drive.

  4. Energy & Vitality: This stone is also associated with grounding energy, bringing energies of the body into balance on all planes. It is believed to imbue the wearer with strength, courage, and the fortitude to achieve their goals.

  5. Protection: Like its golden-brown counterpart, Red Tiger's Eye is believed to offer protection from negative energies and threats. It's thought to reflect back malice or threats from others.

  6. Motivation: It is often used to enhance motivation, endurance, and energy. People might carry or wear it when facing a challenging situation or when they feel stuck in their life.

  7. Chakra Activation: Red Tiger's Eye is associated with the base or root chakra, helping to stimulate the rise of kundalini energy. It's believed to be effective in balancing the lower chakras, fostering a sense of groundedness and vitality.

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